The Power of Radio News

As an ubiquitous medium with minimal receiver costs which shows little respect for political boundaries, radio - especially free-to-air public-service radio - clearly wields considerable power, even in today's interconnected world.

The 2011 EBU Radio News Conference takes this premise as a starting point for a series of discussions around the power of radio journalism. How can we harness this power to improve societies around the world? Is 'Quality' key? If so, how can we measure it? And, to take a timely case in point, what has been the role of radio in the social and political changes in North Africa and the Middle East in recent months, and what will be its role in the future as new societal models coalesce in the region?

EBU Radio Members are invited to register for the event, which takes place at the iconic home of the BBC World Service, Bush House, at the kind invitation of the BBC. The event is free for delegates from EBU Member organisations.

For its second day, the conference joins forces with the UK-based Society and Journalism think tank POLIS at the London School of Economics. The second annual 'Value of Journalism' conference takes as its theme 'Media and Power' and a range of top speakers will host a broader discussion of the role news organisations and other stakeholders play in the modern world. Click here for more details.