The EBU Radio News Group

The Radio News Group provides a forum for sharing information about editorial, ethical, technical and new media issues which affect radio news services.

The Radio News Group pools the knowledge and experience of senior editors and programme-makers for the benefit of EBU Members as a whole. Group meetings take place twice a year and focus primarily on editorial and technical issues which affect the coverage of news events.

The Group convenes an annual Specialized Meeting, to which both Active and Associate Members (members of other broadcasting unions) are invited. The Group sets the agenda in collaboration with the Radio News & Sport Unit, which is also responsible for running the meetings.

The Group may organise additional conferences and workshops on an ad hoc basis.

The Radio News Group is composed of a chairman, two vice-chairman and seven members, elected by the Radio News Specialized Meeting. All are nominated by the Radio Committee for a renewable two-year term of office.

The current group members are:

  • Mr. Vittorio Argento (IT RAI, Chairman)
  • Mr. Michael Good (IE RTE, Vice-Chairman)
  • Mr. Arthur Landwehr (DE ARD-SWR, Vice-Chairman)
  • Mr. Mariusz Borkowski (PL PRT/PR)
  • Mr. Audronis Braukyla (LT LRT)
  • Mr. Richard Clark (GB BBC)
  • Fr. Koprowski (VA VR)
  • Mr. Vaclav Sochor (CZ CR)
  • Mr. Stefan Stroebitzer (AT ORF)