Breaking News Toolkits

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use the Breaking News Toolkit? The most important first step is to subscribe to alerts, either via email or our Twitter feed. This will ensure that you are notified when a new edition of the Breaking News Toolkit is launched. The email notification you receive will include full information on how to access the various parts of the service. (See "What tools are included?" below)

  • When will Breaking News Toolkit editions be released? Toolkit editions are released in response to news events which require EBU Member journalists to be deployed at short notice, to locations where infrastructure has been damaged or is limited, and often for long periods of time. This may include natural disasters, conflict zones or political events taking place in remote locations.

  • What tools are included? Each edition will feature a private, secure 'wiki' page editable by all users via EBU Login, a special page on the EuroRadio News exchange to allow the exchange of audio files and a unique Twitter hashtag to allow the community to exchange links and useful information.

  • How might the service be used? The 'wiki' will be central point, which will function as a 'virtual whiteboard' so that users can share useful practical information, such as the location of power points and internet connections, or to share experiences relating to the crossing of difficult or sensitive international borders.

  • Do I require access to the internet to use the tools? No. Your editor at home can add your contact details to the database, and you become part of the community via mobile phone. Your editor will likewise have access to contact details of other journalists on the ground.